An INNOVATION for every moment:

Optique distribution develops and manufactures technologies since 1992 for optical or sun lens.

This expertise has already been recognized by more than 3,000 opticians and 300,000 carriers.

The clip-on sunglasses makes it possible to transform a pair of optical glasses into sun mounts in a few moments.

In addition to the practical side, the clip becomes the heart of the trend for its aesthetic and retro side, it is a real effect of fashion.

We also offer for your sunglasses, a replacement of sunglasses (without correction) adapted to your frame for each of your needs.

Our clip-on sunglasses :

Our clip-on sunglasses adapt to your pair of glasses, each wearer can enjoy his personalized pair of glasses, and benefit from new technologies of solar glass such as polarizing, digital lenses (which protect the eyes from the harmful light of tablets), night driving (to avoid dazzling headlights)

 It is also possible to choose among our dozens of Fashion & Trendy colors (multiple choice of hues, and different mirror treatment)


Our sun lens:

In the same way, our sun lens are compatible with your glasses, They are of the same quality as the glasses which we propose for our clip-on sunglasses (polarizing treatment, colors, etc ...)