Custom Sun Lenses

Active filters


Custom made polarized* sun lenses, compatible with all brands

*except for Blue-block, Cristal, and Colorblind tints

How do I change my lenses on a rimmed frame?

How do I change my lenses on a metal frame?

You love your sunglasses but the lenses are damaged or show some wear?
You just want to give your old pair a new look?

We can custom cut lenses for 99% of sunglasses frames

Circled frames

Lunettes cerclées

What we can't do:

One-piece frames

Lunettes d'une pièce

Semi-circled frames

Lunettes semi-cerclées

Rimless / drilled frames

Lunettes percées

Order your new lenses with ease

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Request online to receive a shipping envelope.

Free mini screwdriver.

Return the envelope with one of the old lenses from your glasses We make your two new glasses You receive your new glasses,
et voilà !

Once the workshop work has been completed,
you will receive your new lenses at home
which you can easily replace by following
assembly instruction videos.




Our guarantee and our full 14 day refund policy apply as
for other glasses, if you are not satisfied.

Polarized eyeglass lenses offer several benefits, especially for people who spend a lot of time outdoors or are sensitive to glare. Here are some of the benefits of polarized eyeglass lenses:

• Glare reduction
• Improved visual comfort
• Better perception of contrasts
• Protection against UV rays
• Better visual clarity

Mauve photochromic polarized eyeglass lenses can offer several benefits for:

• People suffering from migraines
• Reduced glare and reflections
• Blue light filtering:
• Adaptability to changing brightness.
• Improved visual comfort

Green photochromic polarizing eyeglass lenses can offer several advantages in terms of visual contrast:

• Contrast enhancement
• Reduced glare and reflections
• Adaptability to changing brightness
• Increased visual comfort

Blue photochromic polarizing eyeglass lenses can offer several advantages in terms of visual comfort and aesthetics:

• Reduction of visual fatigue
• Protection against glare and reflections
• Adaptability to changing brightness
• Modern aesthetic

Anti-blue light coated eyeglass lenses, when combined with photochromic properties, can provide several sleep benefits:

• Blue light filtering
• Protection against visual fatigue
• Adaptability to changing brightness

Yellow photochromic eyeglass lenses can offer several specific benefits for driving:

• Improved contrast and visual clarity
• Reduced glare and reflections
• Adaptability to changing brightness
• Reduction of visual fatigue

Pink mirrored color blind eyeglass lenses may offer some specific benefits for color blind people, although this depends on the type and degree of color blindness each individual has. Here are some potential benefits:

• Contrast enhancement
• Reducing color confusion
• Light filtering

High contrast spectacle lenses offer several benefits for some people, particularly those who experience specific vision difficulties. Here are some of the potential benefits:

• Improved low light vision
• Emphasis on details
• Glare reduction
• Improved color contrast
• Help for certain vision problems

Polycarbonate eyeglass lenses offer several advantages over standard glass or plastic lenses:

• Lightness
• Impact resistance
• Scratch resistance
• UV protection
• Optical clarity

Sunglasses with replacement lenses can provide eco-friendly and responsible benefits:

• Sustainability
• Less waste
• Reduction in raw material consumption
• Recycling Options
• Promoting the circular economy
• Fight against waste and overconsumption